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OMG CF! Pawsome! hehe

Well, I'm back home after ConFuzzled now, my legs and footpaws are killing me hehe. I said this in the afternoon on Monday before the con started that buy the time CF is over, my CF t-shirt (which I picked the wrong size) will fit me perfectly :p Running a con is great exercise lol.

Helping set up the stage really killed my legs lol, well, I say setting up but all I was doing was taking orders from Lev as to what boxes and other stuff needed hauling up the stairs to be stored in our room. Then there was the setting up of the art room and our table in the dealers den side of the art room. That was fun and it was really nice seeing all the tables start filling up with lots of goodies once reg opened and furs started taking over the hostel hehehe.

By the time all this was finished almost everyfur had arrived and it was time for the BBQ but sadly even being staff we can't jump the line and so by the time I had gotten to the actual BBQ there was no burgers left, only fake food (veggie burgers). At least there was some yummy chicken left so it wasn't all bad :) Guess the YHA didn't know how much food furs can eat and didn't cook enough lol.

Sadly I missed quite a few events during Saturday and Sunday as I was running the art room/dealers den between lunch and tea but that was still fun. The conventions dealers table did really well, we took £718 in total, that's not including the art auction that was held on Sunday evening. I can't remember the exact figure we took from the auction but it was an epic 4 digit number so the Badgers Trust is gonna love us for all the moneys we raised for them.

I didn't miss everything though as there were still some good events in the evening, one of which being the special ConFuzzled edition of FursuitTV by the amazing timduru which I really enjoyed! After that we had more work set out for us... moving all the table and chairs out of the way for Saturdays dance. I didn't bounce around in that as foxie was sleepy and ended up just chilling out with some of the other CF staff in a nice quiet, cool room just talking and nomming on 2 yummy pizzas that they brought in from pizza hut. I don't remember what time I went to bed. I think it was around half 1 or maybe 2am. I don't remember waking up but I do remember thinking of food when I woke up. Turns out Lev had been trying to wake me up, he even tried poking me with the ladder from the bunk bed. Apparently I didn't even twitch lol, he said I woke up right away when he said "food" down my ear :p

Anyways, I had a great time and loved meeting lots and lots of great people, I was also uber happy to get to spend a lot of time with Lev, whom I think I'm now in love with but silly fox doesn't know what to do :( Hate being really shy. Ah well. We met at the first ConFuzzled staff meeting which was when I first started to fall for him hehe, I hope to see him again sometime soon :)

Enough rambling hehe, I need to try and fix my laptops USB headphones which I accidentally snapped in half when trying to stuff my bag with too much stuff and force it to zip up. (Lev you were right, I WAS going to break something) *giggles* Oops.

On another note, I hope to see all those who attended at the next CF next year, though I'll be seeing all the staff again much sooner hehe =^.^=


Hellooooo, it be Wingedwolf/Bran :3 CF was awesome, I can't wait to attend next year >:3

Hehehe me toooo *bounces happily* I'm gonna stalk you now by adding you to my friends list *giggles*

Oh, and well done at the auction, yours and Silver's folders sold for quite a lot :D
Hehe, I know, we were so suprised :3 I'll definatly be putting stuff in the auction again next year ke ke ke. And yey, stalkage!
And sell an even bigger collection of uber folders :p
<- Twll *waves*
Arf, hey there Twll *hugs* ^.^
Helloooo :3 *added*
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June 2008

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