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24th Jun, 2008

OMG CF! Pawsome! hehe

Well, I'm back home after ConFuzzled now, my legs and footpaws are killing me hehe. I said this in the afternoon on Monday before the con started that buy the time CF is over, my CF t-shirt (which I picked the wrong size) will fit me perfectly :p Running a con is great exercise lol.

Helping set up the stage really killed my legs lol, well, I say setting up but all I was doing was taking orders from Lev as to what boxes and other stuff needed hauling up the stairs to be stored in our room. Then there was the setting up of the art room and our table in the dealers den side of the art room. That was fun and it was really nice seeing all the tables start filling up with lots of goodies once reg opened and furs started taking over the hostel hehehe.

By the time all this was finished almost everyfur had arrived and it was time for the BBQ but sadly even being staff we can't jump the line and so by the time I had gotten to the actual BBQ there was no burgers left, only fake food (veggie burgers). At least there was some yummy chicken left so it wasn't all bad :) Guess the YHA didn't know how much food furs can eat and didn't cook enough lol.

Sadly I missed quite a few events during Saturday and Sunday as I was running the art room/dealers den between lunch and tea but that was still fun. The conventions dealers table did really well, we took £718 in total, that's not including the art auction that was held on Sunday evening. I can't remember the exact figure we took from the auction but it was an epic 4 digit number so the Badgers Trust is gonna love us for all the moneys we raised for them.

I didn't miss everything though as there were still some good events in the evening, one of which being the special ConFuzzled edition of FursuitTV by the amazing timduru which I really enjoyed! After that we had more work set out for us... moving all the table and chairs out of the way for Saturdays dance. I didn't bounce around in that as foxie was sleepy and ended up just chilling out with some of the other CF staff in a nice quiet, cool room just talking and nomming on 2 yummy pizzas that they brought in from pizza hut. I don't remember what time I went to bed. I think it was around half 1 or maybe 2am. I don't remember waking up but I do remember thinking of food when I woke up. Turns out Lev had been trying to wake me up, he even tried poking me with the ladder from the bunk bed. Apparently I didn't even twitch lol, he said I woke up right away when he said "food" down my ear :p

Anyways, I had a great time and loved meeting lots and lots of great people, I was also uber happy to get to spend a lot of time with Lev, whom I think I'm now in love with but silly fox doesn't know what to do :( Hate being really shy. Ah well. We met at the first ConFuzzled staff meeting which was when I first started to fall for him hehe, I hope to see him again sometime soon :)

Enough rambling hehe, I need to try and fix my laptops USB headphones which I accidentally snapped in half when trying to stuff my bag with too much stuff and force it to zip up. (Lev you were right, I WAS going to break something) *giggles* Oops.

On another note, I hope to see all those who attended at the next CF next year, though I'll be seeing all the staff again much sooner hehe =^.^=

9th Jun, 2008

I can have sooooo much fun with this :p

Ok, so a friend of mine sent me a url to this page that generates slogans and this one almost made me wet my pants!

How Do You Eat Your Wolfie Fox?

Enter a word for your own slogan:

Generated by the Advertising Slogan Generator. Get more Wolfie Fox slogans.

13th Feb, 2008

Bored fox plays with macro lens.

*giggles at his newspaper type subject title* Silly :p

Ok, once again I have been uber quiet on LJ but I'm not much of a journal person.
Anyways, last night I was bored and so decided to mess around with my cameras macro lens and a pile of old computer junk.

Here is the result :)

22nd Apr, 2007

ConFuzzled Staff Meeting & Registration Opening

Wow, it's has once again been a very long time since I updated my journal. Ah well, lazy'ness gets the better of us at some point or another.

Anyways, today... well, yesterday now, I went to the staff meeting for the UK furry convention ConFuzzled. It was mainly a meeting so that we could finish up some things that needed finishing as well as throwing ideas back and forth. No, I'm not going to tell you so you'll just have to register and come find out for yourself in the summer of 2008 :p
While there Furble had fun trying to open registration on the website using GPRS and his trusty laptop. He got it done in the end hehe ^.^

If anyone who hasn't already seen the ConFuzzled website and are wondering what I have to do with it, I’m the art room administrator, the person you need to come to if you wish to have your art work put up on display for others to see :)

As part of the meeting we all went to have a proper look around the YHA Manchester, the venue for the con. I can say this for the people have seen the current photos on the CF website, the rooms look soo much bigger in real life than they do on the photos. I also took some of my own which I have now put online at http://www.furnation.com/wolfie_fox/April_21st_2007_ConFuzzled_Staff_Meeting.htm :)

And to end the day we all went for a late lunch at Nandos where I thought I’d try a hot chicken burger for once and ended up with my mouth on fire and the ability to see through time :p

18th Aug, 2006

Yay, all is well again ^.^

*bounces happily and yips*

After having loads of problems with money, having my web host server account deleted and ownership of my domain revoked back in May I have finally got everything sorted out and have everything back up and running at my old domain :D

But the new thing is now rather than having 350MB transfer space per month I now have 50GB per month! *bounces* And it's cheap as dirt too which means The Furry Domain is now back for good!!
I can't remember how many members here were also members of FD but I do hope you all come back, we had so much fun together, would be nice to see everyone again :)

FD is still at it's old address http://forum.wolfie-fox.co.uk so if any of you still have it bookmarked it should still work :)
*yips loudly and bounces around happily*

26th Feb, 2006

York FurMeet =^.^=

Yay, I finally was able to go to a furmeet after soo long of being poor ^.^

It was a great meet though it was an uber cold day and I was freezing my ass off I still had a good time.
Even the train ride there was fun, well, funny. I was going up with Furble and as usual there were no seats for us to sit down, we ended up sitting right next to the door on the floor. Yes, that might not be funny but when a mother came through the carriage door to take her little daughter to the toilet she said to her mum "Mummy, have those two been naughty?". I almost fell over giggling after they had passed, then Furble made a comment about super nanny :p

The meet itself was great and as usual too much to go into as I'm a lazy cunt and can't be arsed writing anymore :p
My meet photos can be found here - http://www.furnation.com/wolfie_fox/February_25th_2006_York_FurMeet.htm

24th Feb, 2006

New Furry Debit Card

Well, as I have recently switched banks from evil Halifax to Abbey I have found that I can customise my bank card. ^.^
Hehe, I thought it was a good excuse to update my LJ :P

Here is the preview image of how my card should look when it arrives.

Putting together the image was fun as I had to erase all the nipples just to make sure the image was accepted for the card.
It still looks good though =^.^= *sits by the letter box and waits happily*

20th Feb, 2006

First Time for Everything

Yay, I just got my hair coloured for the first time ^.^
Got blonde streaks put in to it, I quite like it *bounces happily*
Furble did it for me after he did his =^.^=

Lookie :D

19th Feb, 2006

It's my birthday on Wednesday!!! YAY! =^.^=

Yay, it's my birthday on Wednesday, foxie is going to be 21!

6th May, 2005

YAY, New forum up and running

Well it took a while but the new forum is up and running. Yay for YaBB and booooo to phpBB
I hope all my regulars come back and re-register on the forum, would be a shame to see them going away just because of some 12 yearold with no life thinking he's a hacker.


Least everything is back up and running, shame about loosing all the old posts though :(

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